kiana art

gritty goliath beetle to test the awesome brushes i bought today
i made this design several months ago but since then i’ve wanted to go back and add more to it
im thinking about putting this up as the first listing on my new society6 store. would you buy this on a shirt or something? :0

wOAH i just realized i have over 1000 followers on this blog when did that happen

thanks so much ;v;

i remember reading that the author of fruits basket really loved to draw momiji because she like designing cute clothes for him and i understand
he’s waiting for tohru to get off work or something. brought her some flowers and candy to share uvu
i was going to just leave this lineart but i added gray only because i wanted to show kenny’s stubble and dark circles
an icon i made as a concept for hygene companies to include on their bottles. it’s pretty obvious when a product doesn’t have microbeads, but if a label like this was included along with a paragraph of explanation on the back, i think i would help educate consumers about products that are not safe for the environment.
microbeads are tiny plastic balls in certain soaps that are meant to be washed down your drain. they enter streams where fish and other animals mistake them for eggs, so they eat them and die. some states have taken steps to make products with microbeads illegal, but i think one of the best steps would be for companies that do not use microbeads to start educating their customers about the harmful effects of their competitor’s products. 
i really enjoy making low poly stuff with illustrator